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Yamaha YZF-R1 Parts  list added 27/09/2019

Part numberDescriptionPrice excl. V.A.T.
B3L-12170-70-00Shaft Cam 1 (Model 2020)€997,45
B3L-12180-70-00Shaft Cam 2(Model 2020)€997,45
B3L-12176-70-00Sprocket, Cam(Model 2020)€267,57
B3L-1440B-70-00Air Funnel Set(Model 2020)€2.229,60
B3L-F2590-70-00Wire Harness Set (Model 2020)€799,00
B3L-82386-70-00Wire, Sub Lead TH Injector (Model 2020)€29,74
B3L-82318-70-00Wire, Sub Lead AC Injector (Model 2020)€29,17
B3L-82309-70-00Wire, Sub Lead Ignition Coil(Model 2020)€40,14
B3L-83553-70-00Wire, Lead for Meter (Model 2020)€52,04
B3L-8591A-70-00ECU Set (Model 2020)€997,00
B3L-11400-70-00Crank Assy (Model 2020)€1050,00
B3L-26243-70-00Tube Guide (Model 2020)€174,03
B3L-25300-70-00RR Wheel Assy (Model 2020)€743,26
B3L-28130-70-00Repair Set YZF-R1 (Model 2020)€898,21
B4S-28130-70-00Repair Set YZF-R1M
(Model 2020)
14B-R465B-70-00Spark plug set€208,11
2CR-12170-70-00Shaft cam 1 (intake)€906,77
2CR-12180-70-00Shaft cam 2 (exhaust)€906,77
2CR-12176-70-00Sprocket cam (intake and exhaust)€267,57
2CR-A4890-70-00AIS plug set€59,46
2CR-F2590-70-00Wire harness set (2015/2017 model)€608,37
BX4-F2590-70-00Wire harness set (2018/2019 model)€668,93
2CR-82309-70-00Wire sub lead for ignition coil€40,14
2CR-8231Y-70-00Wire lead for fuel pump€14,87
2CR-83553-70-00Wire lead for meter€52,03
2CR-8591A-72-00ECU set (2015/2017 model)€534,93
BX4-8591A-70-00ECU set (2018/2019 model)€594,60
2CR-8533A-70-00Cable interface€215,55
2CR-MAINT-72-00Mainternance set (2016/2020 model)€520,28
2CR-116A0-71-00Piston set€700,00
2CR-1165B-70-00Connecting rod set€1.305,22
2CR-11400-71-00Crank Assy€725,12
2CR-A7463-70-00Sprocket nut set€25,28
2CR-26243-70-00Tube guide€118,92
2CR-25100-70-00Front spare wheel assy€668,93
2CR-25300-70-00Rear spare wheel assy€743,25
BX4-28130-70-00Repair set for 2015/2017 YZF-R1 (2CR/BX41)€817,58
BX4-28130-80-00Repair set for 2018 YZF-R1 (BX46)€817,58
2KS-28130-70-00Repair set for 2015/2017 YZF-R1M€817,58
2KS-28130-80-00Repair set for 2018 YZF-R1M€817,58
2KS-85800-71-00CCU (Communication Control Unit) Set€1.189,20
SD0-47000-00-00Ohlins steering damper€336,36
2CR-15171-70-00Screw cap set€115,22
2KS-82509-70-00Wire sub lead for 2KS€34,20